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Roleplay established on March 13th, 2013.

This is a Glee AU D/S/s themed roleplay with mature themes that may include triggers.

Thank you Michelle! Wonderful audition for Olivia Puckerman. Welcome to the group! Please read through this page before getting started. You have 24 hours to send in your account. Have fun!

OOC Information
Name: Michelle
Age: 21
Timezone: PST
Activity Level: 8/10
Anything Else? The episode with Finn and Rachel where he tells her that they’re end game. </3
IC Information
Character’s Name: Olivia Puckerman (FC: Nina Dobrev)
Dom/Sub/Switch? Switch
Character’s Age: 18
Character’s Birthday: Oct 1st
Kinks: Bondage (light), Oral sex (giving and receiving), Public sex, Threesomes, Sex toys, Punishment (spanking with a ruler), Submissive, Dominance, Forced nudity around others, Orgasm denial
Anti-kinks: Incest, Face slapping, Chains, Knife play, Any fluids 
Ships: Olivia/Chemistry
Anti-ships: Olivia/Forced
Extracurriculars: Cheerleading

Olivia Puckerman had been a dreamer since the day she was born. She truly believed it. Despite the environment that they were raised in, she believed with every ounce of herself that where they were wasn’t where they were going to be for the rest of their lives. Her mother was the definition of a strong, independent woman. Was it hard to raise triplets by herself? Of course it was. But never once did Olivia hear her complain or shed a tear over it. She admired her strength and determination to provide for her family. Tanisha was not the type of women to let herself fall into the stereotype of living on Welfare and living solely off of the help of the government. She was way too prideful for that and that was one characteristic that the girl inherited at a young age. It was probably the one that stood out the most among the rest. Olivia was a smart girl, both inside the classroom and in the outside world. Her brother, Brett, was the one who taught her most things though and the two of them always had a unique relationship as they grew up. While Jake was very expressive with his fists and Brett with his words, Olivia took a different approach to things. She had this special way of avoiding any type of confrontation whatsoever. Her talent was the power of persuasion and she almost always got what she wanted. She took great advantage of this when she discovered how easy it was to get someone to say ‘yes’ to her, but due to the kind nature she’d inherited from her mother, she made sure not to push past being ethical. Her looks were a huge determining fact in this manner too, but of course those didn’t come into play until she reached the age of 15. After that, it was pretty much over. 
Not only was Olivia good with making people think the same way that she thought, but she was also very talented in athletics. This is something that she got from her father’s side. She was a cheerleader all throughout her high school career, but she had started in gymnastics at the young age of 6. They offered it at the Boys & Girls Club that they spent a lot of their time at while their mother was off at work and soon it became something that she loved. This passion of hers grew more and more as the years went by and it became one of her dreams. To win a gold medal at the Olympics. She believed that it was possible and when she made the decision at the age of 7, she made sure that all her time and energy went into working on the path to make that dream her reality. 
Olivia knew that it would take some time to reach that goal, and that was due to the fact that she knew she’d need to first attend Roselle to learn, train and develop her skills of the position she would be taking in life. Her strong will, courageous nature and determination were all signs that she obviously had what it took to be a Dominant. She knew her brother had gotten the blue rose, and she wasn’t surprised. Even though he had characteristics that would assume him to be a Dom, she just didn’t think that role was meant for him and she had been right. When it was time for her to open up her envelope, she was very surprised to find the purple rose staring up at her. She was a Switch. She was meant to both dominate and serve and she had a hard time accepting that at first. She wasn’t the type of person to serve someone who wasn’t near and dear to her, like her own family. Olivia was the girl who influenced people, never letting anybody do the same thing to her. She knew she needed to bite her tongue though and not cause a scene. This was a challenge that was being forced upon her, but she knew she could handle it. She would handle it. She had to handle it. 

Para sample: 

As the girl walked the streets of New York, she tried her best to pull herself away from everything that surrounded her and thought hard about what had just happened. She was about to get it on with one of her beloved and appreciated fuck buddies when the moment was ruined by a memory. A desire. After the first time Val and Ryan slept together, she convinced herself that it was nothing and promised herself that she wouldn’t go there again. But then, she did. They both did.
Valerie had been there for her friend after his bad break up and she tried her absolute best to make sure that his mind was off of the girl. The girl who’d been toxic and who had consumed him for 3 years. She had told him from the beginning that Sophie wasn’t good for him. That he needed somebody who knew the person that he was. Who didn’t try to change or ‘fix’ him. Valerie knew all of the struggles that he and his family had been through since their childhood and vice versa. The two were like each other’s diary. And now here they were. What was even going on? She looked down at her cell and stared at the screen saver. It was a picture of her and Ryan making the stupidest faces. She smiled as she thought of the day. The girl had somehow convinced him to skip school for the day and they had one hell of a day. Sneaking in and out of closed museums, scrolling the Anime shops, and getting into other random nothings. Valerie always felt so alive when she was with Ryan. Sure, he was often protective and judgmental when it came to Val and the people and the things she involved herself with, but deep down- she knew that he simply cared about her and what wanted was best for her. 
It was then at that moment that Valerie Matthews realized just how poorly she had been treating her best friend. He was the only person who cared enough to lecture her, the only one who actually put up with her shit and was always there when she came crawling back with apologies. What was wrong with her? She’d treated her one and only true friend like complete crap and as she came to this realization, tears filled her eyes. If she was being honest, Valerie knew that she shared something special with Ryan. Something more than she let herself let on. 
She knew she needed to contact him, go and see him, and fix it. Or at least try to. 

Thank you Michelle! Wonderful audition for Olivia Puckerman. Welcome to the group! Please read through this page before getting started. You have 24 hours to send in your account. Have fun!

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Nominations are now closed. Congratulations to all nominees! Voting is mandatory and it begins today and ends Saturday, October 25, 6PM. 

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- For Homecoming Week. Player will be using a different face claim due to limited gifs.

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Homecoming Day 2 - Tuesday Agenda;
Powderpuff Football

Venue: School Field
Time: 4PM - 8PM
Details: Participation and attendance is optional. Powderpuff Football is a tradition that has the girls playing football while the boys cheer them on. Silly participation is encouraged. Boys can dress up with cheerleading outfits, wigs, and makeup while the girls put on pads and helmets and a friendly game is played. The event is meant to provide silly fun for all students. Students can report to the respective captains and co-captains of the cheer squad and the football team to sign up if they would like to participate in the event.

OOC Note

Please make sure to run all major storylines by an admin first before playing them out. Anything potentially triggering such as violence, major injury, etc, must be discussed with an admin first before being put into motion. As usual, please ask if you have any questions. Thank you and have fun!

Homecoming Day 2 - Tuesday Agenda;

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- For Homecoming Week.

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- For Homecoming Week.

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- For Homecoming Week.

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- For Homecoming Week.

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- For Homecoming Week.

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Roles will be closing at 11AM EST time. If you’d like a chance at either role, please send in your application before then. Thank you!

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